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Roger in Hammock

Stranger in a strange land.

Roger Cetina (left) relaxes and reflects on our porch Monday following the festival. This was Rogers first trip to our country. Roger and I drove Javier, Miguel and Arturo to Greensboro early Monday morning for their flight back to Cancun, leaving Roger here. Truly, a stranger in a strange land.

It is becoming a tradition (and one which we really enjoy) to bring a member of the Aztec troupe home with us for a day or a few. After the nonstop activity from the time they first arrive, it gives us time to walk a while in each others world; to learn something of each others cultures and lives. And to know that we are all children of the Creator.

Javier dances with children

Javier calls the children (right) to dance and make the earth happy with their energy. And he is joined by children young and old alike.

Two Worlds

(Above) Our friend Two Worlds...
and truly, just as advertised, Worlds BEST lemonade.


Jaguar running

   (Left) Miguel Angel Marroquin performs as a Jaguar during the only performance of this dance on Saturday at Trade.

   (Right) From the opening ceremony, this is one of those 'almost' photographs...
just a bit more of the wine and the fire...
but I like it anyway.

Wine Offering

Jaguar Priest

   Drummer Roger Cetina (left) talks with Thomas Wilkinson during a break at Trade Days.

Jaguar leaps

   Many people anxiously wait for a chance to talk with members of the Aztec performers; curious about their performance, their regalia, their message and their culture.

   Javier Alarcon (left) during the Roger's dance on Saturday.

Javier speaks


   Javier always takes time after his performances to speak to the crowd. He has appeared at Trade for six years and made many friends here. He talks of his dance, his regalia, prejudices and truth. And always the Creator is the center of his talks and his performance.

   I remember his talk to one large crowd as he spoke of organizers elsewhere who had asked him not to speak about the Creator. His response was; why else do I come? He is my life, all that I am and all that I do. Every breath I take and every step of my dances are for the Creator. I dance to make the Creator happy.

   Would that we lived our lives thus!

Javier speaks


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