Gallery of Light and Shadow

Beyond the Camera

ornament The images below are only the beginning of my education beyond the camera. They have all been constructed on a computer using Adobe Photoshop and Bryce. I place them here for your enjoyment and/or critique if you so desire.
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Journey's Beginning  OPEN
495 X 383 pixels
25 sec. @28.8k
 This image resulted from an evening of play using Bryce 4, a 3D imaging application. I call it "Journey's Beginning" and a good place to begin this gallery.
Red Moon  OPEN
525 X 630 pixels
27 sec. @28.8k
 This preview image does not display well so I recommend viewing the larger image in order to see the effects. This was a Christmas present for my brother Rick and is only the second image I had built using Adobe Photoshop combining different images.
Lizard  OPEN
93 k
432 x 644 pixels
37 sec. @28.8k
 This image first began as a photograph of a vine wrapped tree taken near Dungenness on Cumberland Island. I built the face and added it in Photoshop and came up with the resulting image.
Strange Eye  OPEN
498 X 386 pixels
26 sec. @28.8k
 During another evening of play I was experimenting with shapes and combinations of. I keep this image mainly for the interesting "eye" effect created.
Sunset  OPEN
653 X 453 pixels
36 sec. @28.8k
 This is my favorite Bryce image to date and was the easiest one to create. I threw it together in about 30 minutes one evening. Sometimes simple is best.
Space Ship  OPEN
641 X 439 pixels
14 sec. @28.8k
 Modeling is something entirely new to me. This is a very simple one from the Bryce files.

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