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   This page is the main directory for the image archives which I offer for your viewing pleasure. No commercial use is implied or given. Anyone interested in using any of the images commercially must first contact me, Bill McKee, by e-mail: {bill@earthdancer.org}, or letter to: { Bill McKee, 37210 Irish Ln., Glade Spring, VA 24340-4236 } for permissions and fees.

Bill Gallery Eight Additional Color Favorites
Exploring Color Photos by Patsy McKee - Gallery 1
Journey 2009 *NEW Jan., 2010 * Photos by Patsy McKee - Gallery 2
Children of the Creator As are we all.
Children of the Creator II More photos of Children of the Creator.
Beyond the Camera A beginning of my education beyond the camera; images from the mind.
Private Files  A small grouping of personal color favorites.
Shades of Grey  Black and White; my favorite film medium.
On Assignment  A few favorites from the street.
Beauty  The world around us.

   All images in these galleries were taken by myself or my wife, Patsy McKee.

   In all cases, permissions were asked of the Creator, individuals, or parents of,those who appear in the images. Over the years some of them may have passed on and by using their photographs here I only wish to honor their lives and thank them for allowing us the opportunity to put them on film and share the beauty of their lives.

   Beautiful printed and signed prints are available by contacting me {bill@earthdancer.org} for pricing and options. (mounting and/or framing is available)

   If you feel the need to place any of the photographs on your own web page, please do not link directly to the image files on my server. Instead, download the JPEG file and place it on your site. If you do use any of the images I require a link to my home page EarthDancer Home { http://www.Earthdancer.org } and credit (Photo by Bill McKee or Photo by Patsy McKee, as appropriate.) (also linked to http://www.Earthdancer.org) given with each photograph. Please see the special note at the top of the "On Assignment" gallery concerning copyright on those images. All images do carry my embedded digital watermark. File sizes and download times listed are approximate.

Earthdancer Home | Mexico | Happenings on the Mountain | Gallery of Light and Shadow |Javier Alarcon

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