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Mules  OPEN
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   Jack Arrington, a resident of Lodi, Va. has been farming with teams of mules for many years. While following him to a field one day on an assignment (to feature him and his mule team plowing tobacco) this scene appeared before me.
 Sidewalk Art  OPEN
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   This was taken a number of years ago at one of the many incarnations of; give the kids some chalk, a sidewalk and a little room to work. I really like this because of the many details; a chalk covered kid, multicolored chalk laying all around and the rainbow seemingly exploding from the mind of the child. This, and the image below of the child with the flower in his brain, exemplify one of the missing main ingredients in this current-return to the cave-computer age. Yes, children young and old, still do this even now. But, how many of us, so terrified by the evils (both real and perceived) in this world, pay no attention to life around us. Just for a while, turn off your television and your computer, toss your newspaper in the garden as worm food and look at the life all around you.
Beauty  OPEN
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   This beautiful butterfly was photographed on Cumberland Island National Seashore, early October 1998, near the ruins of Dungeness.

Rainbows  OPEN
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   Even though the colors may appear to be enhanced in this image, it is very close to the actual scene on a late summer evening in a clearing storm. Sometimes there are lighting conditions which can almost be captured on color transparency film (slides).
Train  OPEN
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266 X 396
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   An old steam locomotive pulls out of the rail yard in Bristol, Virginia.
Red Sunset  OPEN
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   This sunset was taken from the Myrtle Beach pier one evening on one of the many family trips to that particular beach.
Casey  OPEN
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270 X 407
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 Casey Cooper is a friend whom I have not seen in several years. For this image and the image used as the header on our home page I owe Casey much gratitude. (And I also still owe him some prints). This was taken at the opening ceremony on Snake Mountain above Trade, TN on 26 June 1992.
Whitetop Mt. Fall  OPEN
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 Whitetop Mt. in the Fall from Konnarock, Va.
Alive  OPEN
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   With the flower completely inside his brain, this child knows what it is to be alive; nothing else exists except the flower at this moment in time. Most all children start out with this sense of wonder and awe; soaking in every tidbit of information their keen senses can possibly transfer. A very wise friend, Dr. MaCaki PeSheWa, once stated to me; "the question is not, 'is there life after death,' it is, 'is there life after birth.' "

   Let your children be children; always.

Tinkerbell Castle  OPEN
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   This castle in Bavaria, the southern region of Germany near the Alps, may have been used by Walt Disney as the model for what is known as "Tinkerbell's Castle" in Disneyland.

   The may have been in the above statement is there because I have not been able to verify (on my very lengthy to-do list) this story as yet.

   While stationed at Ramstein AFB in the early '70's friends and I made many excursions throughout western Europe. On one such trip, a German friend said he knew from where the well-known photograph of Neuschwanstein had been taken. After a 1 hour hike through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and some that was very treacherous, we came to an overlook with this scene before us. This was shot with a 35mm camera and a moderate telephoto lens of 135mm. Thank you Tommy and Fred.

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