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Children of the Creator II

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Flyer  OPEN

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24 sec. @28.8k

 The second year The Papantla Flyers appeared in Trade Tennessee they had earned their feathers and were in the Eagle Feather regalia. Beautiful!
Offering  OPEN

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36 sec. @28.8k

 The opening ceremony on Snake Mountain for the Trade Days festival provides many new photographs each year. This one from a couple of years ago of Javier Alarcon offering a prayer to the Creator.
WhiteEagle  OPEN

140 k
550 x 860 pixels
50 sec. @28.8k

 I had the opportunity to spend a little time with Robert and Brenda WhiteEagle a few years ago. This photograph of them has grown on me over the years and come to be a favorite.
Opening Dance  OPEN

85 k
630 x 438 pixels
30 sec. @28.8k

 The power and energy of Javier Alarcon as he dances are a site to see for sure. This was taken the first year the Papantla Flyers appeared at Trade, bringing the Sundance to the southeastern United States for the first time.
Eagle  OPEN

130 k
500 x 683 pixels
45 sec. @28.8k

 Casey Cooper has added greatly to this site. This is the Eagle Dance which he performed the first year I ever attended Trade Days. He also appears elsewhere on this site, including the photo of the warrior on the horse used as our header on the main page.
Warrior  OPEN

130 k
450 x 692 pixels
48 sec. @28.8k

 Some regrets are real. That I did not take the time to stop and talk with this elder is a constant regret. I admired this man's dance more than most others I have ever seen. At first his movements seemed almost non-existent, until I watched closer and saw the beauty and elegance of his dance. The tips of the eagle feathers vibrated with each beat of the drum. He, indeed, was centered and connected to the Creator. Thank you.
Tipi Smoke  OPEN

105 k
500 x 749 pixels
38 sec. @28.8k

 This young man accompanied Daniel Walkingstick, pipe bearer for the Cherokee Nation, for the opening ceremony on Snake Mountain the first year I attended. This photo has been in my archives for several years and I feel it needs to be shared.

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