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Children of the Creator

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Javier  OPEN
105 k
432 x 621 pixels
39 sec. @28.8k
    From the moment I first met Javier Alarcon 5 years ago he has been one of my favorite subjects. Strictly on a photographic basis, his regalia is fascinating. Each time I look at one of his images I see ornaments and colors I had not seen before.
Dancers  OPEN
74 k
625 x 467 pixels
27 sec. @28.8k
    This photograph of Cherokee dancers was taken during the opening ceremony for the Trade Days Festival on Snake Mt. in 1999.
Flute  OPEN
45 k
432 x 629 pixels
17 sec. @28.8k
    All the way from the mountains in South America near Machu Picchu to the shores of Hungry Mother Lake near Marion Virginia came a group called "Runa Pancha." Their name means "Real Incas" and their instruments date back many hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Listening to them with the lake and forest as a backdrop I knew I was in the Creator's Grand Cathedral.
Painted Sky  OPEN
68 k
635 x 430 pixels
25 sec. @28.8k
    This photograph which we use as part of our header logo for Earthdancer was taken the first time I attended the opening ceremony for Trade Days several years ago. I was hooked and have been returning each year. The warrior's name is Casey Cooper and I have an old address and have attempted to contact him with no avail. I have copies of some of the photographs for him and If anyone knows his current address please email me at: {bill@earthdancer.org}
Dance  OPEN
98 k
432 x 666 pixels
36 sec. @28.8k

    John "Bullet" Standingdeer of Cherokee, NC, dances with tremendous grace and beauty during the Trade Days Festival in Trade TN. I have wished many times that I had stopped long enough to thank him for his dance.

Spirit Dance  OPEN
52 k
576 x 399 pixels
20 sec. @28.8k
    This is a time-exposure (relative to the motion of the subject) which resulted in one of my favorite blurred images. Indeed it is a dancing spirit.
Felipe  OPEN
70 k
432 x 638 pixels
26 sec. @28.8k
    Felipe Cortez Sarabia came with Javier Alarcon to Trade Days in 1999. Javier introduced him as 'the only man in Cancun who speaks no english.' Despite the language barrier, Felipe and I became good friends and I hope to cross paths with him down the road.
Warrior  OPEN
77 k
432 x 665 pixels
28 sec. @28.8k
    Casey Cooper, once again, and another favorite from my first trip to Trade.
Prayer  OPEN
50 k
540 x 576 pixels
19 sec. @28.8k
    This image was truly a gift from the Creator as all of my images are. I was given a gift of seeing and I have always tried to use it correctly and honor those I photograph.
Javier  OPEN
106 k
432 x 632 pixels
39 sec. @28.8k
    Javier Alarcon with the Maccaw feather headdress he has earned with many years of study and devotion.

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