In Black and White

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Plowing Mule  OPEN
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432 X 292
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   In some areas of the country a man can still provide for his family with some land, a mule and hard work. Are we really better off, in all ways, returning to our caves?
Frosty  OPEN
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288 X 425
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   Baby it's cold outside.
The Birds  OPEN
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120 k
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   When you gotta go - you gotta go.
Cat in the Window  OPEN
141 k
432 X 332
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   Zule in the window.
Dish on roof  OPEN
119 k
288 X 423
45 k download
   Is there anybody out there?
Doc Watson  OPEN
123 k
432 X 291
35 k download
   Doc Watson on the Paramount Stage in Bristol, Tenn., 1997.
Catbird  OPEN
103 k
288 X 364
20 k download
   The path home is never an easy journey.
Old Trees  OPEN
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432 X 290
43 k download
   The old ones, windswept, on Whitetop Mountain stand against the coming winter.
   Thanks to Joni Mitchell for the inspiration in naming this gallery. Photographs are always made up of light and shadow. Sometimes beauty is in the shadows.

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