Aztec prayer

Trade Days Festival


Trade, TN

    Once again we were honored to escort and assist Javier Alarcon and the Aztec performers from Cancun, Mexico.

   This year we were prepared.

   We had borrowed my sisters van so we would have plenty of room for Javier, Miguel Angel Marroquin, Roger Cetina and Arturo Hernandez complete with luggage and regalia.

   NO PROBLEM. Almost.

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   Trade Days 2000 was held in Trade, TN June 23, 24, 25. Javier Alarcon, an Aztec performer, has appeared in Trade for the past 5 years, bringing with him the Papantla Flyers both in 1997 and 1998. For a glimpse of their performance from 1998 see the Papantla Flyers page. In 1999 Javier was accompanied by a second dancer, Felipe Cortez Sarabia. This year Javier brought, not only another dancer, but musicians which provided live accompaniment to his performances. This seemingly simple addition magnified the energy many fold.

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-Bill and Patsy

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